About Me

16, He/him/his, Advanced Developer
Birthday: August 7th

My developer career began on Roblox back in 2015. I then made the leap over to JavaScript to expand my knowledge and later languages such as Python and HTML.


In addition to my deep knowledge of Roblox's programming language, Luau, I have experience in many other languages such as JavaScript.

I use JavaScript along with the node.js runtime to program discord bots for people and host them on my VPS server. Additionally, I also create API endpoints for companies or individuals depending on their requests.

I am proficient in HTML web design by designing web pages for companies and/or individuals. I design a variety of web pages based on the request from the customer themselves.

Beginning late 2023, I've started programming projects in Python. I have explored many packages including discord.py. However, I personally prefer discord.js through JavaScript as my go-to package.


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