My Projects

Below, you will be able to view a list of my top featured projects I've worked on in the past. 

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Jump Central: Sky High Park

Inflatable Control Panels

I've developed multiple control panels to inflate and deflate infatables around the park. I have also developed a control panel to control a wipeout machine in the park, located near the back

Developers contributed: SolarSoup
Skill: Scripting, Building

Jump Central: Sky High Park

Session Boards

We developed a new type of advanced session board to manage community sessions throughout the park. This includes a panel for hosts to claim sessions. Later, we merged it to a Trello board using the API and Custom Fields.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup, ryanstar301
Skill: Scripting, UI Design

Market Basket: Roblox

Replica Build

I decided to build a replica of a local store in the region of New England, USA. This was at the time still a work in progress and later improved following actual store renovations.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup
Skill: Building

DisneyHoops: Disney Game

Custom Castle Inspired By Walt Disney World & Walt Disney Company

I developed a castle inspired by the castle located in Walt Disney World, Florida. WDW is my favorite park and I thought, why not try and recreate the castle in Roblox. I thought I did pretty well and I even began to program the firework/light show Happily Ever After to work with this castle. Since then, the project has been halted.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup
Skill: Building, Scripting

Music System V2


This was one of my original Music Systems I created for groups that I worked at previously such as Jump Central. Since then, we have converted it to the ownership of the SolarTech Group and are planning to release Music System V3 in 2024.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup
Skill: Scripting, Building, UI Design

Music System - Testing Commands.mp4

LED Light System


This is one of my first ever projects I created on ROBLOX. In 2020, I designed this project inspired by those LED lights that people put up in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and any other areas as it was something popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. I plan to make a V2 of this project to release through SolarTech but nothing is confirmed yet.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup
Skill: Scripting, UI Design

LED Light System - Showcase.mp4
GKX Operation Management Bot - Showcase.mp4

Advanced Bot Technology

Video | GKX: Operation Management Bot

In this project, I designed a discord bot that can rank, manage, and overview staff in the Operation Department at Go-Karting Xtreme. With the /getactivity, it will obtain the data from the Trello board's custom fields and use this data in the embed to view the user's activity for the given month. Later on, all departments were merged into one bot known as the Staff Assistant or Department Assistant.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup
Skill: Programming - node.js/discord.js

GKX Staff Assistant and Support Bot - Showcase.mp4

Ranking and Support Bots

Video | Go-Karting Xtreme
Staff Assistant and Support Bot

I designed a new Staff Assistant bot inspired by its predecessor, the Operation Management Bot. In this bot, I added functionality to rank staff members, manage racer ranks, send group shouts, terminate employees, and much more! On the other hand, I am also hosting their support bot through my own server in contribution from the Modmail Team's open source code.

Developers contributed: SolarSoup, Modmail Team
Skill: Programming - node.js/discord.js