Axcelers Portfolio

Hello! My name is Josh and I am an Advanced Developer. I have been developing products since 2015. Feel free to navigate my portfolio using the navigation bar at the top of the page. :)

My Jobs

· Founder
· Managing Director

South Pacific Airways
· Developer

WED Imagineering
· Cast Member

btmr, barn, srn, rnrc, char, tot, mtp

Disneyland Robos
· Assistant Director of Park Operations
· Bot Developer and Hoster

Walt Disney Studios Park
· Imagineer

formally named Blox'n'Shop and LidlBlox
· Junior Store Colleague

· Barista

· Cashier

Stepford County Railway
· Qualified Driver

Market Basket
· Personal Job
· Customer Service Representative

Past Jobs (Featured)

Go-Karting Xtreme
· Bot Developer and Hoster (2022-24)
· Racing Host (2023-24)
· Head Of Operation (2022)
· Operation Manager (2020-22)

South Pacific Airways
· Development Board (2023-24)
· Senior Developer (2023-24)
· Developer (2023)

group was discontinued indefinitely
· Founder & Managing Director (2021-23)

Freshfare Stores
· Game Engineer (2023-24)

SolarTech was established in January of 2023.

For more information on SolarTech, feel free to join our community server. Additionally, feel free to take a look at our official company website. :D